Delivery and assembly services

Delivery and assembly services

Our delivery time is always about 8-10 weeks from your order, as we customise our beds to the needs of each customer.


Home delivery includes:​

  • Assembly service
  • Rubbish removal
  • When necessary, removal of your old bed

Our beds are so sturdy and heavy that we prefer to carry them all the way to your home, rather than letting you break your back.

Natural Quality

Natural materials and quality certificates

Quality and natural products are our greatest priority. That’s why our box spring beds and comfort bases are hand-made with high-quality materials from Europe: textiles are Eco-Tex Standard 100 certified, latex is Euro Latex and LGA certified – this guarantees durability and healthy sleep. And of course we monitor and continuously improve our production, so that our ISO 9001 certified quality management also lives up to highest expectations.

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Production and sustainability

Production and sustainability

We have set ourself goals to look after the environment and support sustainable development, and we’re committed to updating those goals regularly. Our factory is heated using only renewable energy. When building our new factory, we focused on energy efficiency, and we recycle all packaging materials. Our beds are exclusively made of FSC certified wood. What’s more, the production process involves no component adhesives or other chemical substances – this is how we protect the planet and care for the health of our customers and employees. 

Every Matri bed is made in our own factory, based on 30 years experience and design tradition. Consequently, our customers can trust that both the raw materials and production processes always adhere to the same high quality standards. We use exclusively natural, audited and certified raw materials, because we’re committed to looking after the environment and our customers’ health and wellbeing. Our company implements an ISO 9001 certified quality management system.

Corporate values

Corporate values

Sincerity and honesty
We share and live the basic concept of a respectable merchant. We know that today this is no longer self-understood. Our business activities are honest and sincere.

FENNOBED keeps its word
We are dependable and make only promises we can keep. We strive every day to ensure that our work reflects this claim. Our customers are important to us, even after the purchase. We want you to be completely satisfied with your bed and the accessories.

Transparent prices and costs
Prices and costs at FENNOBED are always clear: you can take them at face value. We do not lure you with sham offers with hidden costs. With our price list that is available online or at our stores you can easily compare all prices.

Complete information
FENNOBED gives you all the necessary information so that you can understand our modular idea. This gives you a good and safe feeling when buying our product. Even if you need information at a later time, e.g. about the care and handling of your bed, we are always there for you.

Error resolution
To err is human, nobody is perfect. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a zero error rate. FENNOBED admits possible mistakes and errors. Learning and improvement is possible only with self-criticism.

Added value for our customers
People that buy a bed from FENNOBED experience it: In the end you have more than a piece of furniture. Our comprehensive support – from the first interest in a new bed, assembly at home, to the many years of design options with diverse bed accessories – all of this is tangible added value. Each time our customers should feel that “it was another great experience”.

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